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Storage Crates

Several times a year I pick a new project to work on. It can be anything from knitting a scarf to building a desk. Lately, I've been all about building furniture and redesigning my space. My home is a reflection of who I am at the moment, and since I am often changing, my home aesthetic changes, as well. 

Right now, I'm obsessed with white, blue, and gray (check the colors on my website). Walking through my apartment, you'll see those colors everywhere, with a few earthy tones mixed in for good measure.

One of my favorite projects to work on was a set of crate shelves that I hung in the bathroom of my last apartment as over the toilet storage. I spent DAYS sanding and wood-staining those crates before I finally hung them on the wall. It was the middle of summer, my apartment had no A/C, and I had never sanded, wood-stained, or mounted anything before (don't worry, I did the sanding and wood-staining outside). The first color I picked looked horrible so I returned it, bought new crates, and started over. It was my ideal project. Hectic, frustrating, and that much more fulfilling when it was done! 

I love throwing myself into a project that I know very little about because I get to learn a new skill but, most of all I have to practice patience. Crafting takes time and precision. It calms my natural hastiness. I quickly jump into a project but once I'm in it I learn to slow down and take each step with care because whatever I'm making will become part of my home. And more than that, it will become part of my life because I'll interact with it daily.

I get excited by that thought. That I can have a vision of something and then create it. And now, where there was once just a bare wall, there are two crates designed by own hands, birthed from a mere idea. There's just a little bit of magic in that.

Here's a pic of those crates

Mahogany stain

Mahogany stain

LaNora Hayden