what is a life coach?

A life coach is an ally who is dedicated to empowering you so that you can live the life you desire! Unlike a therapist or a career counselor, a life coach is a professional you turn to when you need to take a wholistic view of your life as it stands; all of your achievements, ambitions, and obstacles. Your life coach will help you break crippling habits and replace them with healthy activities that are in line with your ideal lifestyle.

WHo Needs one?

People will seek out a life coach when they feel unfulfilled personally and professionally. Do you feel lost, stuck, and/or uncertain of the future? A life coach's job is to give you your power back so that you can make choices that will propel your life in the direction you want it to go.

MY Philosophy

Life is meant to be enjoyed daily! Enjoying your life should not be reserved for the milestone moments. Those are few and far between. However, there are at least five things worth celebrating everyday that we often overlook. When you make it a practice to identify those things and begin celebrating more, life becomes more enjoyable!

Enjoy yourself now! Be the person you want to be now!

We don't have to put off who we want to be until we become someone "better." I used to think like that and I felt like I could never catch up to my "better-self." But then I began to challenge this notion and I asked myself, "who am I waiting to become and what's stopping me from being that woman now?" I got real honest with myself and I put achievements aside. When I got in touch with who I knew myself to be, the achievements came with such ease (and are still coming). This work is about going on a journey with yourself. As a life coach I am here to guide and encourage you on your chosen life path.