Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis

Astrology is the study of the ongoing conversation between us and the celestial bodies in the sky (stars, planets, asteroids, etc.). If you have ever heard of mercury retrograde and wondered, "what does it really mean and why does it effect us," you might want to come in for an astrological reading.

My astrology readings begin with an analysis of your birth chart and then go on to look at how the stars today are interacting with your natal planets. We also discuss behavioral tendencies, indicated by the planetary alignments in your chart, and whether these tendencies are enhancing or hindering you. I believe everything in your chart has a purpose! At first, a trait might feel like a hinderance. However, after your reading you'll understand more about the function of this trait and how it can be better applied in your life.

I could go on and on about astrology. I have been studying it since I was a teenager and now noticing patterns in behavior is second nature for me. Come in for a reading if you want to know yourself better. 


Tarot is a tool I use to  help people explore the dynamics of their current situation--what led to it, what the likely journey will be if they stay on their current path, and how their journey might change if they make a different choice. Most people get a tarot reading when they are on the cusp of an ending and a new beginning. It's a transitional tool that offers insight into the many choices the querent has before them. 

Life Coach

After giving readings for so many years, I began to notice some of my repeat clients would come to their next reading with many of the same questions as before. They could be in a completely different situation but find themselves playing it out in the same habitual way. If you have ever asked yourself "how did I end up in this situation, again?" you know exactly what I mean and you also know how frustrating that cycle can be.

Readings will often uncover a destructive pattern of behavior, one that needs to change in order for the client to experience the life they aspire to live. After a reading my clients would leave with renewed clarity and motivation. However, shortly thereafter doubt, fear, and uncertainty would return and they would lose the drive and clarity they had days earlier. I soon realized that these particular clients lacked a dedicated person in their life  to cheer them on and hold them accountable, which is imperative for sustainable self-growth.

I  provide this life coaching service for those clients who need a dedicated ally to give them structure and positive reinforcement as they create the life they truly desire to live.

Check in with me at frequent intervals (weekly, bi-monthly, etc) and we'll work through your situation together. 

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